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We don’t supply or deal in drugs

Teesside Cannabis Club encourages a safer alternative to the black market encouraged by the enforcement of prohibition. Teesside Cannabis Club are unable to provide that alternative to you today, however if you want to help make this a reality we welcome you to become more involved in your local community which you can find on Facebook or on our website.

Until then we recommend you become aware of the cannabis laws in the UK and advise you that the cheapest and safest way of getting cannabis is to grow your own – though take into consideration the UK law.

Teesside Cannabis Club does not condone or encourage breaking the law.

Meet The Team

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Michael Fisher

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Greg De Hoedt

Vice Chairman
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Simon Jackson

Club Secretary

Teesside Cannabis Club are a non-profit organisation and we always need help from good people like you. If you would like to help in the fight for your health then please click the donate button!


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